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"As Good As It Gets" featured in 2020 Golden Globes promos on NBC
2020 Golden Globes
"Get Up Stand Up" featured in trailer for The Rook on Starz
The Rook
"The Moment" featured in Starz Women promo
"Come Out Where Ever You Are" trailerized remix featured in Disney's Maleficent Mistress of Evil Promo Trailer.
Come Out Wherever You Are
"Up & Away" featured in Emily in Paris Season 2 Trailer.
Lexxi Saal - Up & Away
"Sound The Alarm" featured in trailer for Night Hunter
Sound The Alarm
"Come Out Wherever You Are" featured in episode of LA's Finest on Spectrum
Come Out Wherever You Are
"Happy" featured in Then Came You trailer.
Lexxi Saal - Happy
"Save Your Soul" featured in Grey's Anatomy and Station19 Crossover Premiere Promo
Save Your Soul
"Tiny Dancer" featured in FOX's The Big Leap Promo
Lexxi Saal - Tiny Dancer
"Here We Come" featured in HBO Max's Promo
Lexxi Saal - Here we come hbo max
"Age of Aquarius" featured in Trailer for HBO's Search Party
Lexxi Saal - Age of Aquarius - hbo - search party
"As Good As it Gets" featured in ADT commercial.
As Good As It Gets
"Save Your Soul" featured in episode of ABC's Station 19
Save Your Soul
"Unknown" featured in ABC's Station 19
"Break a Bottle" featured in an episode of Dynasty.
Breaka Bottle
"As Good As It Gets" "Future is Female" "Dangerous" "Push Me Around" featured in episodes of Netflix's Selling Sunset.
Breaka Bottle
"Keep Up""Dangerous", "Bring Me Back To Life", "Hold On It’s Coming", "Addicted To You", "The Unknown", and "Here We Come" featured in episodes of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On
Lexxi - netflix ultimatum
"Dead Man Walking" featured in an episode of Amazon original's Panic
Dead Man Walking - Panic
"Happy" featured in Hallmark's Taking a Shot At Love.
Lexxi Saal - Happy
"That New Thing" featured in Xbox Trailer
Lexxi Saal - That New Thing
"The Unknown" featured on CW's episode of 4400.
Lexxi Saal - The Unkown
"As Good As It Gets" featured in episode of Run The Burbs.
Lexxi Saal - As Good As It Gets
"Outta This World" featured in episode of Paris In Love
Lexxi Saal - Outta This World
"Counting Stars" featured in ESPN Promo
Lexxi Saal - Counting Stars
"Dead Man Walking" featured in Siesta Key.
Lexxi Saal - Dead Man Walking
"A better me" featured in Smile Direct commercial
Lexxi Saal - A Better Me
"Born For This" featured in US Women's Open Promo on NBC
Lexxi Saal - Born for this
"Freedom" featured in Law & Order Superbowl Sunday commercial
Lexxi - Freedom
"Addicted To You" featured in episode of Freeform's Motherland
Lexxi Saal - Addicted To You - Freeform's Motherland
"Hunt You Down" featured in episode of Selling The OC
Lexxi Saal - Hunt You Down
"The Chain" featured in episode of Love Island UK
Lexxi Saal - The Chain
"Do Whatever I Want" featured in episode of Netflix's TwentySomethings
Lexxi Saal - Do What I want
"Here We Come" featured in episode of The Hills New Beginnings
Lexxi Saal The Hills New Beginnings
"Dead Man Walking" and "Dangerous" featured in episodes of The Real World
Dead Man Walking
"Dangerous", "Cry No More", "Break a Bottle", and "Walk the Walk" featured in episode of Young and Pregnant on MTV
Dangerous and Cry No More
"Keep Up", "Dangerous", "Future is Female", "Wild Animal," "Lift You Up," and "Born For This" featured in episode of Teen Mom on MTV
Keep Up and Dangerous
"Sound The Alarm" and "Save Your Soul" featured in episode of The Challange on MTV
"Dangerous" featured in episode of Are You The One?.